19th October 2018

Monese launches business account in the UK, with Europe to follow soon

Monese has launched the ‘Monese Business’ account, growing its offering to customers and businesses across the UK and Europe. The account is available to UK-registered businesses in 11 languages, and will be launched in Europe very soon.

The ‘Monese Business’ account speeds-up the process of opening an account, and allowing entrepreneurs to set up an account in just five minutes, simply from their mobile phone, wherever they may be.

The ‘Monese Business’ account also comes bundled with the popular and trusted ‘Monese Plus’ personal account, meaning business and personal finances can be managed seamlessly in one place, via a single, simple-to-use app. This gives the on the move entrepreneur greater control over all aspects of their finances and streamlines the banking experience. ‘Monese Plus’ gives users two personal accounts, a UK account and a Euro IBAN account, allowing access in 20 countries.

Norris Koppel, Founder and CEO of Monese, said: “Following the great success of Monese’s personal banking service in the UK and Europe, we are really excited to launch the Monese Business account, which is the next big step in our expansion. We know that life moves fast for entrepreneurs and their work often takes them all over the world, so they need fast, connected and transparent banking.

“Business banking should not slow down anyone’s ambitions. It should be with them at every step, wherever they are in the world. The Monese Business account is business banking that keeps up with the entrepreneur as they build the business of their dreams. The Monese Business account is one of a number of offerings we are launching for internationally mobile people and businesses, following significant investment from world-class investors in September.”