Of Special Interest

10th May 2011

Oracle BI for iPad and iPhone

Oracle has released an update to its Business Intelligence platform that supports the iPad and iPhone. The development was in response to the growing popularity of Apple products 'in the enterprise'.

The release "allows users to set up workflows on the Apple devices, and adds support for unified relational OLAP and multidimensional OLAP content and information from Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and SAP Business Information Warehouse".

The new release also includes Oracle Real-Time Decisions Release 3.1, with an improved decision manager, and Applications Release, which has an improved user interface and dashboard settings designed to secure any data displayed on endpoint devices.

Paul Rodwick, vice president of product management for Oracle BI said: "These new Oracle BI product releases build on the success of Oracle BI 11g and provide a wide range of new capabilities that extend intelligence to the iPad and iPhone, offer more powerful visualisation, interactivity, performance and scalability features to their ERP and CRM applications, and optimise customer interactions and decisions in real time,"

Market commentators have some doubts still over security with iPad and iPhone devices and also comment on the limited processing capability of the mobile devices compared with a mid-range desktop. None the less, few doubt that there will be very rapidly increasing use of mobile devices within enterprises. Bank executives are one of the leading groups in demanding such services wishing to access data on the move including the ability to interrogate databases whilst out of the office.