Of Special Interest

21st October 2011

Fiserv unified wealth platform available

Fiserv has integrated all of its managed product platforms into one new product, the Unified Wealth Management Platform.

The new product includes integration of front, middle and back office and data integration. The products it replaces includes Separately Managed Account (SMA), Mutual Fund Advisory (MFA), Rep as Portfolio Manager (RPM) and Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs).

The product is described as 'agnostic of chassis'. Multi-sleeve accounts will continue to work as they do today. Traditional SMAs, MFAs, RPMs and ETFs will be set up as a sleeve or strategies, and clients will have the ability to seamlessly transition from single- to multi-sleeve products.

"Our vision and industry-leading work in managed accounts demonstrates the Fiserv commitment to putting our clients first. At Fiserv, we strive to provide best-in-class advisor and managed-account solutions that will bring us much closer to delivering the industry's first end-to-end solution and UMH capabilities to the clients we serve," said Cheryl Nash, Interim President, Investment Services from Fiserv.